Business is boomin’ for Kracklin’ Kirks Fireworks

Kirk Myers, owner of Kracklin’ Kirk’s Fireworks, fondly recalls childhood memories of celebrating the Fourth of July .He remembers the stockpile of bottle rockets blasted off in 1976, the last year they were legal, and gathering with friends and families to celebrate America. Today, Kirk has turned his “pyro gene” into a thriving fireworks business called Kracklin’ Kirk’s that includes 6 Nebraska retail locations and a growing wholesale business featuring his Boomin’ Bulldog brand of fireworks. The business, based in Crete, started in 1993 when Kirk found himself unemployed for a short time due to a company merger. He started a part-time fireworks business in York just to get by until he found another job in his career field in computers. “I was doing anything to help get diapers for a couple of boys we had at home, Ramen noodles on the table and whatever we needed,” Kirk said. Kirk continued to grow the fireworks business as a part-time gig until 2011 when it became his full-time business. Today, he employs three other full-time staff and works year-round to make Fourth of July a fun celebration for families across the Midwest. “We literally work year-round getting ready for a couple of days a year,” Kirk said. One of his full-time employees is his son, and Kirk hopes to continue to expand his family-owned business to preserve it for future generations. Most customers would recognize the fireworks brand Black Cat. Kirk’s brand is called Boomin’ Bulldog and features a white dog. His line of fireworks includes more than 200 different products ranging from fountains and artillery shells to roman candles and novelty fireworks. Kirk and his team create the concept for a firework and then work with manufacturers in China to turn that idea into a reality. Kirk sells his Boomin’ Bulldog fireworks wholesale to fireworks stands across the United States. In addition to his wholesale brand, Kirk and his team operate several fireworks stands in Nebraska, including in Doniphan, Waterloo, Springfield, Denton, Hickman and Dakota City. He was proud to recently win a “Best of Omaha” first place ranking for his fireworks stands despite not having a location directly in the metro area. His stands are located in small towns outside of Omaha. Kirk said part of the reason for his success is the wide selection of brands available at his fireworks stands. While many stands sell between one and five brands, he sells 25 different brands of fireworks in addition to his private brand. “We have a huge selection, and we cherry-pick the best from those lines,” Kirk said. The company focuses on product selection, service and pricing to stay ahead of competitors. “I like giving people lifetime memories because typically it involves friends and family and fun, freedom and food, and grilling out and fireworks,” Kirk said. “We wish everyone a great Independence Day. We have a great gift here in America. There’s nowhere else I’d want to spend my life.”