Our Products

See the products we carry here! Most of the products have videos, so be sure to check them out. (Follow us on YouTube while you’re at it!) Please note that this is NOT a full list of everything that we carry!

Some brands that we carry are the following: World Class, Pyro Predator, Dominator, Boomer, Cutting Edge, Shogun, Winda, Black Cat, Red Rhino, Vulcan, Ghost Shadow, Brothers Pyrotechnics, BullDog Brand, Boomer, Showtime, Behai, Boomin Bulldog, Great White and more!

We carry many more products than you see here. Stop by in one of these locations this holiday season: Doniphan, Waterloo, Springfield, Hickman, Denton, Cortland, and Dakota City. Keep an eye out on Facebook and our website for ads! Also, be sure to sign up for our firework demo updates so you don’t miss a thing.

Totally Awesome

Jumping Skier

Jester’s Revenge


Fire Strike

Demolition Mayhem

Saturn Missile Barrage Color (750 Shot)

Wyoming Wildlife


Variety Baby

Six Shooter

Peacock Parade

Totally 80s

Pandemonium in the Sky

Mount Vesuvius


Krackalation (Simon Summon)

King of Kings


I Love the Red, White, and Blue

Hot Headed

Go Ye

Gatlin Gun

Factory 435 Finale

Don’t Tell Mom

Declaration of Independence

Day of the Lord


Amazing Crackle

Pixie Dust

The Bestest Crackering Ballz

Why Not

Variety Baby II


Strike While the Iron is Hot

Second Amendment


Live Free or Die

Eastern Diamondback

Dragon’s Spit Fire

Cosmic Conflict

Aurora Borealis

Ya Hey Der

Wacky Professor



Jail Break

I Pledge Allegiance

Honey Badger Does Care


Crazy Cone

Fourth of July

Purple Frost